28 June – 19 August 2016
Wadham College Gardens

Directed by Nicholas Green. Original composition by Nicholas Lloyd Webber.

Meet a young, louche King and his three wastrel cohorts. Swept along by the indulgences and hedonism of a childhood lived in the 1960s, they are now stumbling into 1970s manhood.

One morning, after yet another late night, young Ferdinand decides – Enough! Time to set aside such wasteful antics. Time for them to get serious, to turn to the scholarly life, to forswear all non-academic pleasure, and above all to forswear women…

So how do we think their resolve will fare when a certain young Princess, with her own three lovely companions, turns up for an audience with the King…

Watch as four young men and some of Shakespeare’s most colourful comic characters trip over themselves, not to mention their words, in this most funny, engaging and musical of comedies.

The Oxford Shakespeare Company presents Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Lost

Audience Responses


This production isn’t good. It’s fantastic!
Once again OSC  trowel in the bowel of one of Will’s plays and unearth all the comic genius that normally escapes the notice of the many. Strong as ever in cast, props, interpretation and fizzing zest, their Love’s Labour’s Lost is an  exuberant, hilarious, pacey, racy, entertaining, wickedly sly, outrageously bold, solidly performed piece.
Wadham better repoint its walls PDQ or the roaring laughter and thunderous applause caused by this stimulating entertainment will bring them tumbling down.
If you think LLL is a “bit of an odd one” go and see how good it actually is when tackled in the white hot crucible of folk who know what they are doing and get on doing it excellently.
Children will be fascinated too by all the action and none of the built in innuendo! so the matinee is an option if you can’t get a baby sitter for an evening performance.
Don’t miss it. LLL doesn’t come along too often ……and hardly ever so superbly.

Graham Hall

(just an honest punter who loves a play well done!)

Your Shakespearean production is an anchor of our program. Each year (this is our 21st) it is one of the best evaluated events we have. I look forward to next year.

AP Oxford Academy

I can’t recommend this production enough

Andy Johnson



Creative & Production Team

Director – Nicholas Green
Composer – Nicholas Lloyd Webber
Musical Director – Candida Caldicot
Costume Designer – Adrian Lillie
Choreographer & Movement Director – Mandy Demetriou
Graphic Designer – Ben Galpin at Malvolio Media
Stage Manager (rehearsal and performance) – Shannon Gibson
Stage Manager (rehearsal) – Abigail Smith
Production Manager (Festivals) – Robin MacLennan
Front of House Manager – Mark Bond

Beaminster Festival

Sunday 26th June
2.30 pm

Wilderness Festival

Sunday 7th August
2 pm & 5 pm

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